An Evening with Meta

Tuesday, July 11, 2023
Humanities Guåhan is proud to feature renowned Filipino rapper, poet, speaker, and educator Meta Sarmiento at our upcoming event, “An Evening with Meta” Join us in a community conversation that honors his deep-rooted connection to Guåhan and delves into his profound experiences around cultural and political identity, the urgencies of climate change, and the complexities surrounding contemporary definitions of masculinity and love. 

Using the civic engagement model, we are particularly excited to feature Meta’s multimedia work to ignite discussions, inspire our community, and empower positive social change in Guåhan. Guests will be treated to a live presentation by Meta, followed by breakout conversation sessions with other community members.

Light refreshments will be provided. Registration is required to participate. 

A Homecoming Tour is an integral part of Humanities Guåhan’s ongoing project, Reimagining Guåhan: Social Justice through a Humanities Lens, an initiative that aims to civically engage with our richly diverse community—ethnically, culturally, linguistically—about the meaning of equality and democracy by exploring a range of important social justice issues in order to reimagine a Guåhan that is more just, inclusive, and sustainable. Through civic reflection conversations, participants are invited to partake in an inclusive and welcoming space to think critically and discuss the values and choices that shape us as a community. 

About the Poet:

Born and raised in Guam and currently residing in Denver, CO, Meta has a unique connection to the island, with his work delving into profound themes such as cultural and political identity, climate change, masculinity, and love. He is well-versed as a facilitator and has worked with and taught over 20,000 students from culturally and socio-economically diverse backgrounds on a local and international scale. As a rapper, Meta has performed on stages in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and France, with lyrics exploring themes from friendships and grief to his past experiences.

About Humanities Guåhan:

Humanities Guåhan is a nonprofit organization that provides foundational support and educational programs for the people of Guam. The mission of Humanities Guåhan is to foster community engagement and dialogue, inspire critical thinking, celebrate diversity and enrich the quality of life of island residents through the power of the humanities. For more information, please visit or follow us on Instagram @humanitiesguahan for updates.