25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary

Guam Humanities Council recently celebrated our 25th anniversary and transition to Humanities Guåhan to best reflect the humanities work we've carried out over the past ten years and to chart our future direction. This work highlights the importance of understanding and preserving indigenous cultures and histories, with a particular emphasis on the role of Chamorro cultural identity in maintaining Guam's unique way of life while also promoting greater awareness and appreciation of the rich historical, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity of all people that make up the Guåhan community.

On April 21, the Council officially launched our transition to Humanities Guåhan by hosting an open house with reception at our office for colleagues, partners, sponsors and participants, as well as family and friends. These community members have contributed greatly to the strength and power of our humanities work in the community. Throughout the office, one would find posters and images showcasing the diversity of Humanities Guåhan’s programs and projects that are offered to island residents.

On September 28, Humanities Guåhan hosted a special dinner event, Envisioning the Humanities, as part of our 25th anniversary celebration. The event focused on the vibrancy of visual storytelling and featured Guam's sole Pulitzer Prizes winner - multimedia photojournalist Manny Crisostomo, whose important work was highlighted in the exhibition and accompanying catalog, Art+Journalism - Manny Crisostomo, 40 Years of Images. This exhibition project was part of The Pulitzer Prizes Centennial Campfires Initiative. Click here to watch the video that was produced in partnership with KUAM and features reflections and congratulatory remarks from several colleagues and friends of Humanities Guåhan.

In turning 25, Humanities Guåhan promises to continue to offer public humanities programs that are not only engaging, informative and educational, but also creative, entertaining and fun! We have much to look forward to in expanding the depth and reach of the humanities as an organization and community in 2016 and beyond. All of the work of Humanities Guåhan is based on the fundamental belief that Humanities Make Us. Humanities Make Us discover who we are as individuals, citizens and members of the Guam community. Humanities Make Us connect to one another and the larger world around us. Humanities Make Us engage with issues that are important to our island and region, and to see them through new perspectives, inspiring ideas and critical lenses. Humanities Make Us curious about history, culture, the arts, language, literature, cultural and ethnic diversity and more.

We look forward to many exciting humanities-filled years ahead as we continue to Envision the Humanities in our island community!